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MrsLove reads LALLA

MrsLove reads LALLA

#Lalla #eroticwisdom #holyrants #tantra #dakini #mrslove ABOUT LALLA -Referred to by the Hindus as Lal Ded, or Lalla Yogeshwari, Lalleshwari by the Kashmiri(للء ایشوری) and Lallarifa by the muslims, this 14th century mystic poetess of the Kashmiri Shaivite sect. is seen by many as a female forerunner to the likes of Kabir, Mirabai, Rumi and the bhakti movement. Her vakhs/songs/short poems/essential teachings , are ripe with meaning and fervour. Her extraordinary life and legacy are revealed in brilliant flashes leaving the reader dazed. Her voice seizes your heart and soul. Lalla never wrote a book. She was illiterate, but so courageous.... She remained naked all her life – and remember this was hundreds of years ago in the East....Lalla was not a Mohammedan, but she impressed the Mohammedans, who won’t even allow the faces of their women to be seen, but they worship Lalla equal to Allah. The woman must have impressed the whole of Kashmir tremendously! To this day in Kashmir they say there are only two words worth mentioning : Allah and Lalla ! She never belonged to any organized religion, she was an independent master- a true embodiment of Dakini Wisdom . ABOUT MRSLOVE a.k.a. VALENTINA LEO – is a Mystic, a Mother, a Lover and a Fool. Italian by birth she has been living in Cape Town for over two decades, offering classes, sessions, retreats and howling at the Moon. Spiritual maverick, teacher of Erotic Wisdom and an Explorer of the Tantric Realms for over 20 years,Valentina is a Dakini ~holder of the freedom lineage from the tantric school of Fascinating Wonderment (Vismayo ) that spontaneously birth female teachers of the pathless Path . She is madly in love with the Mystery & the traditional tantric Revelations of Kashmir Shivaism. She is uncensored and untamed. Her teachings are intuitive and direct. Void of linear evolution, they only require a deep desire to become truly intimate with Reality.It's the mystic path of endless Devotion to the Unknown. Working with her will require everything of you. She teaches the Yoga of Presence, Unbounded Freedom and Mystical Union with the vast Emptiness of pure Space . --------------------------------------------------------------- ***an excerpt from a Tandava class, part of the 6 weeks online Tantra Immersion -RIDING THE TIGER . if you want to study with mrslove : Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment on FB listen to her Podcast : EROTIC WISDOM with Mrslove on ITUNES : SPOTIFY AND ALL THE MAJOR PODCAST SITES !
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