The Practices


Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and the healing science of Ayurveda,
this āsanas practice will be the container for all the other practices.
Focused on intrinsic relaxation of the physical body and the conscious mind,
this sequence will meditate you into the Deepest Essence of your Being, where True Self can be revealed.
From this space of infinite stillness authentic expression can be found. 
(This practice is accessible to all ages and levels of fitness)


 An exploration of the refined, subtle movements of Sexual Energy in the body.
These Sensual Meditations will naturally flow out of the āsanas of stillness
and will reveal new pathways for sexual energy to express beyond the gross body. From this place we can start nurturing a Sensual Relationship with All that surrounds us, and expand our perception of Sexuality and Reality.  
(no nudity is required)


is a Spontaneous Harmonious movement of the body when the body is in an Authentic space of Relaxation.
Then, like in True Lovemaking, the meeting with the other is nothing else than the meeting with our-own-self.
The Sacred Self : an Eternal Still Center in Movement. Bliss.


a Traditional Tantric Practice from the Kaula Tradition of Kashmir, Tandava is the oldest form of yoga known to us. 
Often depicted in the traditional iconography of northern India, Kashmir and Tibet,
Tandava is a very slow, mystical dance that leads to the perception of the Cosmic Body
and Attunement to our Infinite Nature.
As a traditional practice of Totality, Tandava can indeed catalyze the experience of Spiritual Awakening.


Tantra teaches that there is only You. And your perception of Reality. Nothing else truly Exists.
With this understanding Self-Loving becomes the the greatest act of Worship to the Grace of Existence.
Love is nothing else than Life Force expressing herself through you, AS YOU. Possibly the only real purpose for being alive.