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The Sensual Embodiment of Divine Love

It's very difficult to describe what happens in a session, as it is guided by a unique constellation every time: You, Me and the Present Moment.
Like every moment, no session is ever the same. When we enter the moment with totality we find that it contains everything.
What we believe, what we hold on to, who we think we are, everything we love and desire.  
Our sexuality is the expression of all of this, so I tend to start the exploration here, and then move where I am guided.
Sexuality is not just the movement of our genitals; it is the movement of the entire Cosmos. It’s how we were made, and therefore what we are made of.
It’s the expression of divine intelligence (god/shiva/absolute /source) in its creative form: Love.
When we are contracted in our sexuality, creativity cannot flow… and so, we manifest dis-ease (Lack of flow).

From the traditional perspective of Tantra we don’t believe people need “healing”, we believe people are just confused about their essential truth.
Tantra offers Spiritual Education through experience, in which one can find herself /himself and re establish the lost connection to their true nature.
We don’t need fixing because we can never be truly broken when we learn to live with the backdrop of Eternity – our true nature.

I am not a healer or a magician.  I don’t hold a magic wand nor I was anointed by a spiritual master. I am a dakini, I am self-born, I reflect you.
In session I become your mirror and your tool to serve you best in what you need to see, to understand yourself, experience yourself and expand yourself.
My job is to support you into deep relaxation that will allow you to release any contraction/resistance to see into truth.
When you  truly relax into yourself, open and available love can naturally flow. When love flows, intuitive wisdom arises and our perception of reality expands.
From this place you will “heal” yourself. You will be able to live and create in this world just as the Cosmos does – in an endless expansive manifestation. 
I call this Endless Cosmic Orgasm. It’s where I come from.

I use a variety of tools, which include – but not limited to – meditation, transfiguration, elements of gestalt therapy, BlissDance, breath-work,
touch work, deep movement, sexual shadow work, practices of presence and sexual embodiment. 
I use them as the moment dictates, according to my intuition and what you are bringing to the session (your personal enquiry)


The clearer your intention, the stronger the medicine.


Some sessions can involve nudity and physical contact others are just verbal and fully clothed. Some can even be silent.
Some are held in divine chaos (don’t ask!) some in nature, on the phone, in my session room,  others at the supermarket or in the bedroom.
Only one thing is common to all sessions: you are loved for who you are and not for what you do.


I work primarily with Seekers of Truth, and with Lovers that have lost their Loving.

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